Don’t be hasty

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Yea… I could wait any longer so time to post again,  after all it’s been almost 30min.

Here comes my 3D model of the Twin Machine guns, I did a mixpic with all the texturemaps and a renderd picture of the model

Twin Machine Gun


Long (LONG) time no see

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Well hello there again, it’s been a little while since I last wrote something… About half a year… BUT! Here comes some updates at last.

Remember GGC? Well we got some pretty good feedback there so we decided to continue with the project. So this past half a year we’ve fixed some design problems and added some new content.

I have made some concept art, and one 3D model.. While the others have made the models I concepted.

Except that we have started to contact some publishers, but so far no result… Until then We’ve had some game testing with the junior students of HGO and this Thursday we’re going to a pretty large Game conference in Stockholm called GameX.

And here is a little slideshow of the concepts I’ve made since last…

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The weekend is over and so is GGC. All I can say really is that it went WAY over expectations! I’m very pleased with our work.

Pretty much our entire group went there expecting that no one would take us seriously because we had made a board game for a video game conference… And we had counted on that pretty much only 10 people would want to play. But fate had other plans for us, because we had people who were interested in our booth almost all the time. And almost everyone thought that it was a really nice game. Even the judges was impressed and gave us very good response and critics.

And at the after party later on Saturday several of the judges came forth to us and gave us their cards in case we had plans on releasing the game. So yeah, my confidence has never been higher.

We even managed to give away a copy of our game to two of the judges so here starts a small step on a long journey.

I manage to take some photos at the conference while I was on my breaks, and I thought I might share some with you.

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Silence before the Storm

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Well this is it! The day before GGC, we’re a little tense because the printing company we send our game to kind of forgot about it so apparently they started to print it yesterday… But they promised that it would be ready for today so lets cross our fingers for that.

Otherwise we are done! Today we’ll just fix the last of the last of the extra so to speak. Trailer is done, you’ll see it a little further down. We only have two issues to deal with now. 1st, we haven’t got a health bar marker yet. we kind of did a panic solution about it yesterday, but personally I don’t think it turned out very well…  But we have a plan B that we might activate today if thats what everyone wants. which is buying some stuff and do our magic on it. 2nd issue is to make a showcase video thats going on loop at our case. but we’re pretty much done, all we have to do is to sign all our work and then put it together. It will probably only take 2-3 hours.

Beside all that we are ready for battle tomorrow! Lets do this!

And now for everyone’s hearts content, our Trailer for the game.


Panic and Crunching

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Yep, it’s full crunching time now. Only 8 days left to GGC, and  all we have left is our Trailer and Teaser.
And after spending pretty much all week until now with storyboarding and brainstorming for these videos we were without success…
But today we finally  came up with a plan that we could finish before deadline. Its’s actually not very much to hang in the Christmas tree, but it will do just fine.

I’ve been spending half day trying to make a bouncing wheel animation. And I tell you this, it’s A LOT harder then you think. So after a few hours I gave up and did a wheel rolling over the floor instead, you’ll see soon enough.
So we split the work up, I was making the wheel animation, Christoffer the Particle effects and Juan the props.  Then Christoffer made a simple version of the Teaser, with the cars and lots of placeholders.

BUT! Just a few hours before we were done for the day I came up with an idea that would improve the clip a little, and mostly make it a few second longer. Its still only about 12seconds long so we have to come up with something more by tomorrow… But this is what I cooked up with a mixture of everyones blood sweat and hard work.

As the description says, this is far from the finished version. Just something I did really fast to see what to come.
(Also I had to borrow a friends Account to upload this video since I don’t have one of my own… So YAY for him!)

Brainstorm or Brainfreeze

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We’ve been spending all morning brainstorming ideas for our trailer, with… less success… Out of 15 options only 3 were okay.
Mostly  because we lack time. And also because some don’t want to film the trailer, so we’ll see how this’ll turn out.

We did get our T-shirts and contact cards for GGC though, which is awesome!
But now we have to get back to more brainstorming. We have to make up our minds today so we can begin and finish all the Pre-Production tomorrow. Otherwise we’ll never make it in time.

Follow the light

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That’s what I’ve been doing this weekend while rendering a sticker to our game box.
Me and Juan got the assignment to fix some stickers to the box so that it wouldn’t be all plain and boring.

So we spent pretty much all Friday on layout, lightning etc, and then I spend the weekend putting out the final light and test rendering.

Yesterday I was finally pleased so I did a final rendering and then sent it to Juan who fixed the final details in Photoshop.

WIP Sticker

WIP Sticker

Beside all that we are pretty much done, and it feels awesome! We’re currently doing our last touches on all our content before we’ll send it to the printers, which hopefully will be today. If not, as fast as possible tomorrow morning.
So now we’re down to the last two weeks, and all we have to do in this horrid terrifying  time is our trailer. I just finished a rough schedule so if we give all out might and stick to my program we have a small chance of finishing on time!